Case Study - Prospective Sealine 34 owner


MBS was commissioned by a prospective vendor to Pre-Purchase survey a Sealine 34. Whilst everything appeared in decent condition topsides, and at face value on the Volvo engines; and during the river trial when the engines were tested extensively. It was noted on the "lift out and hold" the hull had over 25 - 30% of its surface area covered in osmotic blisters. The vessel was 23 years old. The starboard side had 2/3 rds more surface blisters (up to 3mm deep) than the port side. The blisters were tested and found to be Strength 3 acidic solution, and equally gave off a vinegar smell which gave cause for concern.


The client was advised to seek out professional guidance from a GRP specialist on these matters and a job quote was received for a significant 5 figure sum to repair the vessel's underwater gelcoat and rovings.

Survey Benefit

The client realised very quickly that he was going to seriously out of pocket and in consultation with his partner declined NOT to pursue the vessel any further. Therefore, the sale did not go ahead as planned.


This is a clear example of a Boat Surveyor adding value to the buying process and saving the client from taking on what could have been a huge financial and operational liability.